Home Renovation in Pickering Ontario

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Two Level Deck in Pickering ON

Computer Sales and Service ... new and refurbished, repairs and upgrades

Photographs by Cliff Hope, Toronto with a Nikon D200

Renovations in Pickering Ontario

Netcom Solutions Toronto Ontario

Basement Washroom in Pickering
Shower, Toilet, Lighting, Vanity and Ceramic Tile Floor

Shower and toilette drains

Waterproof shower area.
Shower, ceramics, toilet...
Shower, toilet, ceramics, drywall....
Ceramics, toilet and vanity

Deck, stairs, shed,lights...
Deck in Pickering

Deck boards and stairs.

Finished Deck in Pickering

Preparation of the drywall, frame and plumbing

Finished bathroom in Pickering ON

New toilets installed for $100.00 plus materials.
Dishwashers installed for $100.00 plus materials.
New sink and taps installed for $125.00 plus materials.
Under the cabinet microwave installed for $75.00 plus materials
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Cliff Hope Owner of Netcom Solutions Ltd. Toronto Canada. Netcom opened for business in 1998. We sell computers,televisions,monitors and networking supplies. Netcom also works with CMI Sales and Service doing home renovations,decks, fences,bathrooms,kitchens,basements... Call for an estimate.
Cliff Hope

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Decks, Fences, Basements ...

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Home Renovations by Netcom Solutions

Cliff Hope
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Kirchen Renovation Scarborough Custom Cabinets,Granite top. Photo Cliff Hope

Pickering Renovations

Choir Riser in St. Martins Pickering
Choir Risers in St. Martin's

Bathroom in Pickering Ontario

Washroom in Pickering

Deck in Pickering